Sarah Hoppes Photography is now Smitten Chickens!

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Sarah Hoppes is Smitten Chickens

Our site is moving! Chris and I have been quietly working on rebranding since the winter, and we are excited to announce the launch of our new site, logo, and name! Sarah Hoppes Photography is now Smitten Chickens! This wordpress blog will no longer be updated, so be sure to visit to keep up-to-date on what we’re doing.

After the two of us decided to shoot weddings together, I didn’t feel like “Sarah Hoppes Photography” was very inclusive, and I wanted to change our name to something that showed we’re a team.  We brainstormed names for a long time, and we kept going back to one of our many nicknames for each other, “chicken.” We both thought it was cute that we are “two little chickens in love” who document other people’s love. Out of that train of thought, Smitten Chickens was born.

We are so proud of the new site and new look, designed by some wildly talented people.

The gorgeous site and logo were designed and developed by Liz and Jeff of Super Runaway.  We told them we wanted our site to be wedding-focused without feeling too feminine, super informative but also really bright and cheery, and with an early sixties, Saul Bass inspired look, without feeling at all dated.  That’s a tall, and possibly contradictory, order, but Liz and Jeff figured out exactly what we wanted and brought it to life perfectly!

The illustrations for our logo and our contact form were done by Caitlin Candy. Caitlin is also drawing Beach Blanket Massacrea horror comic with our company Dark Ink.  Adorable chickens operating a camera are a pretty far cry from monsters that devour beach-goers, but Caitlin has a big range, and she did a fantastic job on both!

Special thanks to Tristan Wyatt for taking the headshots used in our “about” section.


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