Our Wedding Album | The Cobbler’s Children DO Have Shoes!

Finao Playbook Tourmaline

Photographers, myself included, can sometimes fall into the “cobbler’s children have no shoes” trap.  I take SO MANY photos, but I often don’t have photos of myself. I have hundreds upon hundreds of photos of Chris, but up until our engagement and wedding photos, Chris and I had very few photos of the two of us in the same picture. I stress to clients how important it is to have photos in your hands instead of on a hard drive, and I get busy and don’t make prints.

I was really afraid of this happening with our wedding photos, so when I first contacted the amazing Jane at A La Carte Albums to discuss album design, I told her the first album we wanted to make was of our wedding.  We wanted to get familiar with the process so we would be comfortable helping wedding couples make their albums, but we also wanted to make sure we didn’t go years with “make album” on our to-do list!

Jane designed an absolutely stunning book for us.  We are completely in love with the photos from our amazing wedding photographer, Kelly Prizel, and the album puts our favorites all in one place.  It’s a 10×10 Finao Playbook in Tourmaline, a patterned metallic material.  As with all the books we’ve seen from Finao, the quality is fantastic, and every image is crisp with a ton of detail.

I’m so excited we have this little book! We can pull it out on anniversaries and any time we’d like to reminisce. Plus, we’ll have the album to share with future kids, or when our little nephews are older and want to see what it was like when Uncle Chris and Auntie Sarah got married.  We’ll probably show them the album with the adorable video of the two of them wishing us a happy wedding day, melting us with all the cuteness and soliciting major eye rolls on their part.

When my mom got her copies of our digital photos, she was excited and told us how much she loved them. But, when she got her copy of the album, she took it with her to show everyone at our relatives’ houses, her work, her church, and the beauty salon!   I feel like I could tell people how great it is to have an album, how it’s an heirloom that stands the test of time, and how nice it looks, but my mom’s reaction explains the benefits of an album so perfectly. We had friends over a few weeks ago, and we brought out the album to show off, because it feels like a piece of art.  It also helps that we like to tell dramatic stories, and the album is a great visual aid for that time we got married “in” a hurricane!

Thanks so much to Kelly and Jane for the gorgeous photos and beautiful book design!

Finao Playbook Tourmaline Finao Playbook Tourmaline SarahChrisAlbum004 SarahChrisAlbum005 SarahChrisAlbum006 SarahChrisAlbum007 SarahChrisAlbum008 SarahChrisAlbum009 SarahChrisAlbum010 SarahChrisAlbum011 SarahChrisAlbum012 SarahChrisAlbum013 SarahChrisAlbum014 SarahChrisAlbum015 SarahChrisAlbum016 SarahChrisAlbum017 SarahChrisAlbum018 Finao Playbook Tourmaline

All album images © 2013 Sarah Hoppes.

Wedding photos @ 2012 Kelly Prizel. All Rights Reserved.

Album Design: A La Carte Albums


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