Cloisters Proposal Sneak Peek | NYC Proposal and Engagement Photographer


I’m really excited to share photos of Bobby and April’s engagement at the Cloisters!  Bobby hired me to secretly photograph the moment he proposed, and he couldn’t have picked a better date or location to ask April to be his wife.

The Cloisters is a museum of medieval art run by the Met, and the museum itself is even more beautiful than the art it holds.  The building is a European monastery rebuilt brick by brick, in the middle of a park, and it’s surrounded by gardens and stone terraces overlooking the river.  Being there doesn’t feel at all like being in Manhattan.

Bobby contacted me a few days before he planned to propose with both their pictures and a map of the spot where he planned to ask her, and he managed to plan everything without her having any idea.  When they arrived at the pre-picked location, I pretended to be a tourist who happened to have a nice camera, shooting the river and the garden.  When Bobby got down on one knee, I turned around to shoot the whole thing!  Once April recovered from her shock and had a chance to call her family, Bobby pointed me out, and the three of us went around the park for a quick couple’s session. They even recorded a video to show their family that day.

More photos will be up soon, but enjoy the sneak peek of a very happy couple! If you’re interested in having a photographer shoot your proposal, engagement, or couple’s session, you can get in touch with me here.



All Photos © 2013 Sarah Hoppes. All Rights Reserved.


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