Introducing Chris! | NYC Wedding Photographers: A Husband and Wife Team

In the last year, this business has undergone a major transformation.  Sarah Hoppes Photography is no longer made up of just me, Sarah Hoppes.  It’s turned into a partnership, with the help of my incredibly talented husband, Chris Rizzo.  Chris is a freelance video editor and writer, and the two of us own a production company, Dark Ink Pictures, where we make indie comics and short films.  Dark Ink Pictures launched on Halloween 2011, and our first year of working together made it clear to both of us that we are a stellar team.

Last summer, he was a co-photographer for Evan and Rachel’s wedding in Brooklyn, and he edited their wedding video.   His background in filmmaking really serves him as a photographer, and his eye for composition and lighting blew me away.  When I brought up the idea of taking Sarah Hoppes Photography full-time last fall, Chris offered to come on as a co-photographer and partner in the business.  I am so excited for the 2013 photography season, because this year’s couples are in for a real treat.

Here’s what Chris has to say:

Hey everybody! I guess this is where you’d like to hear a bit about me. Well, I graduated film school in 2006, and I’ve worked in the entertainment industry ever since. I write screenplays and comic books, edit video, and now, I shoot weddings.  A few facts about me:

  1. I love my wife more than anything.
  2. I love star wars (2nd best!)
  3. My favorite food is Thai food, Indian food, Italian food, French food, and all other food.
  4. Our wedding was my favorite day ever, of all time.  Being able to photograph weddings for other people, and to preserve their happy memories,  is an honor, and a job I take very seriously.


Middle Photo: Chris and I with two of our finished comic books, © 2012 Kelly Prizel.  All other photos © Sarah Hoppes.


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