2013: Goals for the New Year | New York City Wedding Photographer

I don’t know that I believe in New Year’s Resolutions.  I tend to be a perfectionist to a fault at times, and resolutions seem like a real trap for those of us who can fall prey to “all or nothing” thinking.  I do, however, believe in goals.  I think having goals for the short and long term is important, and that there’s something empowering about writing those goals down.  With that in mind, I’d like to share the goals I have for 2013.

The Road Ahead

General Business Goals

1.)  Organize our office for the best an most efficient working experience.

2. ) Keep organized financial records and update the books weekly (don’t procrastinate until tax season!!!!!!!!!)


1.)  Change the business name!  At one point, this businesses was just me.  Now, it’s  a team effort between me and my very talented husband, Chris. Chris is a fantastic editor, has a great eye for photography, and is helping me move the business forward at a rapid rate.

2.)  Redesign the website

3.)  Book at least 15 weddings this year

4.) Streamline editing workflow

5.)  Blog on a regular basis (once/week, minimum)

6.) Shoot regularly for fun, and experiment with new techniques

Dark Ink

1.) Get at least one of our books picked up by a publisher

2.) Continue to improve our table presentation at every convention we attend

3.) Participate in 5 panels at various conventions


1.) Stop minimizing my/our successes because I’m afraid I’ll somehow make people feel bad

2.) Exercise 3 times/ week.

3.) Spend quality time with my husband. (Note: quality time does NOT mean sitting next to each other, working!)

I’m excited about all the plans we have in the works for both businesses, and to see how much we grow over the next year!



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