2012: What a year! | NYC Wedding Photographer

2012 was a crazy, amazing year.  I went from working full-time as a studio manager to working full-time on my photography, and on the comic books  we’re making at Dark Ink Pictures.  I joined a community of amazing people at A Practical Wedding, and I’ve gotten to meet a host of wonderful people through the wedding and elopements we’ve shot this year.  We traveled to  7 comic conventions to promote our books, taking road trips that included upstate New York, rural West Virginia, and (my personal favorite) Memphis, TN. Oh, and we got engaged, planned a wedding (which we re-planned with 1 day to spare after Sandy hit NYC), and were joyfully married, all in the year 2012.

I have big plans for 2013, including : more regular blogging: shooting more weddings and elopements; doing more and more photography work with my very talented husband; promoting the heck out of our books in more and more states; and getting our books on shelves in book stores across the country.  But, before we throw ourselves full-throttle into 2013, we are taking a much-needed break.  After  a Christmas spent with family in Ohio, we’re watching snow fall heavily on the fields outside my parents’ house, doing very little, and enjoying every second.

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday season with the people you love! What goals do you have for the year ahead?

Card design courtesy paperless post.Images © Kelly Prizel Photography

Card design courtesy paperless post.
Images © Kelly Prizel Photography


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