These days, I divide by time between 3 jobs- My job as a photo producer, my growing photography business, and Dark Ink.  These are all “full-time,” but I get to do a lot of the work for Sarah Hoppes Photography and Dark Ink Pictures from my home office.  That means I get to spend all my work breaks with the world’s most squeezable coworkers!

Photos, top to bottom:

1. Izzy- She’s a year old, but could pass for a kitten.  We adopted her from the humane society, and she’s mellowed out the other cats considerably.  Pip acts like she’s his litter mate, and he cries hysterically when they aren’t in a room together.

2. Oliver- He’s 1 year, 3 months old, but he’s about 3 times Izzy’s size.  He’s our second cat. We found him in a vacant lot on 1st Ave and 99th St.  We tried very hard when we found him to argue that we really couldn’t adopt another cat, and we failed miserably.  We decided to adopt him within hours.

3. Pip- He’s 2 years old, and nothing but sweetness to all the people he meets.  I found him beside a dumpster on 3rd Ave last April, and he’s since lived with us in 2 different apartments. He loves Izzy, but he’s still getting used to having another boy around, so he bullies Oliver.  He definitely thinks he’s the one in charge at our house.

Was this post a shameless way to display a few selects of the HUNDREDS of pictures I have of my cats? Maybe.  Am I sorry? Not really.  Enjoy!

Sarah Hoppes Photography Pet PortraitsSarah Hoppes Photography Pet PortraitsSarah Hoppes Photography Pet Portraits


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