Obama Backs Marriage Equality

After seeing the news that Amendment One passed in North Carolina, I was very upset today about the state of our society and the amount of hate spewed in the name of religion and morality.  If you aren’t familiar with Amendment One, you can read here to find out about the far-reaching consequences here.

Luckily, that’s been tempered with good news.  In an interview today, President Obama came out in support of marriage equality.  He is the first sitting president to do this, so that’s huge, huge news!  The president’s personal beliefs do not change the fact that only 5 states (and Washington, D.C) recognize same-sex marriage, and 30 states have amendments to specifically ban it.  We have a long, hard road to equality, but this is an important and very exciting step.

I can’t wait for the day when everyone is free to marry the person they love!  I’ll be dancing, crying, and cheering  100 times harder than I did when I saw that interview today.


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