Silly Portrait Session: Playing With Light

I once worked for a successful still life photographer, and he gave me some really great advice.  He told me that when I’m getting paid to do a commercial shoot, I should take extra shots that are just for me when there’s an opportunity.

This really came into play when I spent a day shooting hair models for “Everything Hair by Andrea.”  Andrea is incredibly talented, and the final images looked fantastic!  I’m sure I’ll be featuring a few of them sometime soon.

While Andrea was styling and we had a break in the photos, Andrea’s son and daughter and I had a little portrait session of our own.  Her son was really interested in photography, so I showed him the cool effects that can happen when you use a long shutter speed and multiple strobe  pops.  I even let him practice taking a few frames with my dSLR. From there, we just had a ton of fun, got some cool photos, and it helped me keep my energy up for the rest of the shoot.

©2011 Sarah Hoppes


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